Master Classes with guest teacher Emma Bray from the UK. Join us on Saturday, Sept 16th.


Get inspired with the Fletcher Towelwork®, to mobilize and strengthen the shoulder girdle with Ron’s original repertoire. We will begin with some fundamentals, learning how to measure & hold the towel for connection of our arms into our torso and using our breath to move. From here we will move together through a Fletcher Towel class exploring Ron’s repertoire of the shoulders & spinal movements in standing. We will finish off with some tips of using the towel. There will be plenty of time at the end to ask questions about Fletcher Towel Work®.

When: Saturday Sept 16th

Time: Movement Class 13:00-14:30 + 14:30-15:00 Q&A session          Price:  € 80,00 

limited spots available

Register: / Whatsapp +31 6 1418 6725


Come and experience Fletcher Pilates on the Spine Corrector, in this 90 min class. We will explore unique twists on the Classical repertoire along with pieces inspired by Ron’s work with Martha Graham, playing with side bends, twists, extension & Towelwork® on the Spine Corrector.

When: Saturday Sept 16th

Time: 15:30-17:00           Price:  € 80,00 

limited spots available

Register:  / WhatsApp + 31 6 1418 6725


Ron Fletcher (May 29, 1921 – December 6, 2011) was an American Pilates Master Teacher, an author and a Martha Graham dancer. He was also a Broadway stage, network television, cabaret and International Ice Capades choreographer. Fletcher is identified as a “Pilates Elder” – a “first- generation teacher” who studied directly under Joseph and Clara Pilates for 20 years. Fletcher’s movement-based approach to Pilates has inspired thousands of Pilates teachers & practitioners across the globe.

Emma Bray is Pilates teacher/mentor and movement nerd, who has been lucky enough to have Pilates in her life for the past 18 years! Emma has lived and worked California where she completed both a Classical & Polestar Pilates Comprehensive programs and where she was first introduced to Fletcher Pilates and completed their training. On moving back to the U.K Emma opened a fully equipped studio. It was here she became Faculty for Fletcher Pilates in the UK and ran courses for teachers & aspiring teachers alike! Emma closed the studio after 9 amazing years post COVID to explore writing, teaching and running retreats throughout Europe.

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“Movement should be approached like life  –  with enthusiasm, joy and gratitude – for movement is life, and life is movement and we get out of it what we put into it ” – Ron Fletcher

Previous Workshop Gallery

Masterclass Fletcher Fusion with Adriano Bittar - February 2020

This masterclass blends together all the exclusive techniques created by Ron Fletcher to Fletcher Pilates: Fletcher Towelwork, Floorwork, Barrelwork; Fletcher Fundamentals and Fletcher Percussive Breath. Starting off with a brief theoretical review of the history of Fletcher Pilates. This energetic class will leave you inspired to move from the breath to reach beyond into what is possible.

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Brett Miller Weekend - September 2019

 The Building Blocks of Pilates

In this workshop, Brett teaches here a series of simple, but by no means trivial exercises, which demonstrate different dynamics that are necessary to understand in order to be sensitive to the deeper aspects of the works. 

 Get Your Chair On

In this workshop we go through a series of chair exercises – known and not so known – with the aim of finding more depth in them.  Most importantly gaining knowledge about support from the center of the body while stretching the outer limbs away.  Length, strength, balance and ease will be the result.

Advanced Mat Exercises

Advanced Pilates mat exercises, such as Boomerang, Control Balance, Rocking, and the full version of Swan Dive.  Exercises such as these are challenging and invigorating.  Brett provides valuable direction and cueing, reinforcing it with skilled tactile feedback. 

Dynamic Reformer

One of the unique aspects of Pilates when compared to other exercise forms, is the required attention to detail and the development of inner dynamic.  

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