Studio M Pilates has an extensive program of Pilates classes taught by expert teachers.

The goal is teaching with a personal approach.

The Pilates method is an intelligent exercise system, which leads to improvement of posture, coordination,

balance, strength and flexibility; prevention of injuries and a boost for body awareness.


Pilates in Studio M

All classes can be done in English, specifically the one on one classes. In the classes we work with the Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Chair en Pilates props.

New to Pilates

Pilates is for everyone and can be done at any fitness level. If you have never done a Pilates, please book a intake so we can go over your goals.

One on one lessons

These lessons are a good way to work on specific goals.

  • You want to efficiently and quickly achieve mental and physical goals.
  • You have acute or long term issues, for instance after a surgery.
  • During and after a pregnancy.
  • Top athletes who want to improve.
  • You have never done Pilates, or haven’t done it in a while.

Duo lessons

Looking to work out with a friend or buddy, that can be done with one instructor. It is important that both people have a similar fitness level.

Reformer Chair Senior lessons

The reformer chair makes it very easy to move with light resistance (springs) to build stability and muscle strength. A lot of ordinary fitness equipment is not suitable for this. In a lesson for a max. of 6 people, there is plenty of attention for everyone. More strength training can be added when you are ready.

Group reformer and chair lessons

If you want to work on flexibility, balance and coordination, the reformer & chair lesson will be perfect. It is a unique combination of two different Pilates machines. This group has a maximum of six people to ensure a lot of personal attention.

MELT lessons

The MELT Method® (MELT) is a unique treatment that can reduce chronic pain and help you stay healthy and active. MELT hydrates connective tissue and re-balances the nervous system. This is done with coordinated techniques using a foam roller and balls. The MELT Method was created by the manual therapist Sue Hitzmann.

“For years, I have been told I have a bad posture and as a result I suffer from serious problems with my lower back. My wife had heard very good things about Pilates. That is how I ended up with at Maristella via website, where the entire focus is on Pilates – movement and posture.

I found the the intake very professional. The private lessons with Maristella are gentle but firm. She has a great passion for teaching and Pilates. I am very satisfied. In short, I wholeheartedly recommend Studio M”.

Marcel Neomagus

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